payout pay‧out [ˈpeɪ-aʊt] noun [countable]
1. FINANCE a large sum of money, given to someone for the work they have done:

• an increase in commission payouts for some top-producing brokers

2. INSURANCE a payment made to someone who has made an insurance claim:

• The insurance company's profits fell 13% because of big payouts related to a series of hurricanes.

3. FINANCE a dividend payment (= part of a company's profits for a particular period of time paid to people who own shares in it):

• The board voted to cut the payouts in response to current operating results.

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payout UK US (also pay-out) /ˈpeɪaʊt/ noun [C]
a sum of money that is paid to somebody: »

The employees shared a $1m payout after bosses declared record sales.


a lottery payout of 10 million euros

FINANCE money paid by a company to its shareholders as dividends: »

an annual payout


a dividend payout

INSURANCE money paid to someone from an insurance agreement: »

an insurance payout

average/big/maximum payouts »

The court case has opened the door for big payouts to homeowners battling insurance companies over hurricane coverage.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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